How to distinguish the PU strap and Genuine leather strap

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Usually there are buyers asked, how to identify is not the first layer of leather. Genuineleather  is divided into the first layer and second layers  the following we first introduce what is the first layer of leather.
We take measures: a look, two touch, three pinch, four strokes of the four steps can identify more than 95% of the leather is the first layer of leather. This method avoids the traditional methods of identification of many drawbacks, such as "burning" ah, "flooding" ah ~ ~ These methods are effective but not applicable.
  1. The so-called "a look" is that we get a leather first to see if it has the first layer of leather should have some irregular lines, pores, luster and so on. We take this belt as an example, look at the surface of the lines and pores, shiny.

Although this is a belt, but the lines will be different (with the tail showing lychee pattern, with the root showing a small fine lines), the same section of the location of the litchi pattern is not regular, and very ductile, when the belt folded The lines will become more flat, flat will be some of the relaxation. Above the small pores, see the following figure: 
2. After the "see" this off that we come to the second off "touch", this clearance is not mandatory. Because some people are not sure, the method described below:
The surface of the leather with the fingers after the feeling of touch is very smooth, not the surface of the leather touch the past are generally very astringent feeling, not smooth, ductility is poor, that is flexible, or poor flexibility (we Here that is soft leather Oh, hard leather will have to test another, because the hard leather is toughness is not the flexibility of course, the first hurdle or apply)
3. The third is "pinch", after this off can basically test more than 90% of the first layer of leather, so this emphasis on the introduction.
Because the leather is flexible, so if the side of a little pressure on the surface around the wrinkles will be wrinkled to the heart.
This is the lychee skin so it looks very obvious, your fingers can see a little harder wrinkles
This piece of the first layer of leather is relatively tight basically can not see the wrinkles, but through the pores and gloss can still be resolved.
Here we introduce some hard cowhide identification method:
Although these hard cakes do not move the surface of the pores or look very clearly, because the use of a different surface of the process will generally not have lines.
There is a part of the soft leather in general do not have to pinch can be identified.
The surface of the gloss is not the skin; of course, sometimes the leather surface gloss is not obvious and not applicable "pinch" approach (of course the pores are still very clear), we can take "fold" approach.
The corner of the bag can be folded into the light to see the fine irregular lines, and the fake skin or the second layer of the skin is usually not the fold, but very smooth
Of course, can see the best cross-section of the leather, the first layer of skin can be seen clearly the cross-section of the organization, the opposite is generally matte surface.
Here we look at some of the surface of the leather mat, this generally can not "pinch" can not "fold" because the different thickness of different leather products, such as cowhide mat is relatively thick, can only look at the surface of the leather features.
Such as a large area of the leather mat is very easy to see the surface of the texture of the pores and other characteristics, and buffalo mat is usually used for more than 12 years old made of old buffalo, knowledgeable people will tell you, The better, because the more honest the more honest. This piece is hard leather, the lines are relatively shallow
Pore lines are very clear
And some of the relatively rare leather is not "pinch" can not "fold", these are generally through the oil wax process, the surface will be some small scales shiny; these first layer of leather is generally thin, high-grade leather can generally pass Identify the pores and the next to say that the last hurdle "smell" the way to identify.
4 "smell" the taste of artificial leather has a similar smell of plastic smell. The taste of the leather is rather special, we can go get some dermis smell, some people say that smell, some people say that fragrance. In fact, smell the different tastes because of the difference between the taste of the system, as well as the formation of different sense of taste. Let's say it is a kind of leather fragrance taste it But this is not absolute, because some bags will use some stimulating smell of glue, which will also affect the taste of the judge. We cite a few examples that are not the first layer of cowhide:
This piece of leather press is obviously no wrinkles, in fact, this is a layer of leather coated with two layers of fabric.
Although this pattern is like a litchi pattern, the pores seem to be some, but it does not have wrinkles, and the surface is not smooth, so it is not the first layer of skin.
There is this one, although the gloss and lines have, but also press no wrinkles, but also no pores, so it is not.
Although this piece is very like a soft texture in the leather, but the pores are not obvious, and the surface into a regular shape, feel very astringent, not smooth, feels like a piece of rubber, so it is not.
This piece of identification is a bit difficult, this piece of press although there are wrinkles, but the wrinkles are very regular, and wrinkles appear "crack". And in my fingers in the direction of wrinkles, perpendicular to my fingers less wrinkles, in fact, this is related to its internal structure.
This is actually the surface of the pu coating of textile fabrics
The method used to identify the dermis
First: what is the first layer of leather, two layers of leather.
"Leather" in the leather products market is a common word, is the difference between synthetic leather and natural leather, a habit called. The dermis is mainly made of the skin of the animal. Dermis is divided into a variety of commonly used to the following: first layer of leather; two layers of leather; furniture skin, broken skin, fight skin and so on. The four dermis, the first layer of the best leather, but also the most expensive (that is of course ....)
1) leather: generally cattle, sheep, pigs, and other animals of the original skin, processed into a variety of leather materials. Leather is generally divided into two categories: the first layer of skin and two layers. The first layer of skin is made of grain with cattle, sheep, pigskin and other raw skin directly from the processing. Full grain dough can be distinguished from the thickness of the pores and the density of what kind of animal leather. The second layer of skin is the skin of the original skin more loose two-tier part of the chemical material spray or covered with PVC, PU film processing.
2) renewable skin: the animal waste and leather waste crushed, the deployment of chemical raw materials processing made. It is characterized by neat edge of the flap, the utilization rate is high, the price is cheap; but the skin is generally thick, the intensity is poor. This is the main material produced by small products factory embossed leather shoes.
3) artificial leather: artificial leather is divided into leather (or rubber) and high-level PU two. Imitation leather or rubber, PVC and PU and other man-made materials in general. It is in the textile cloth or non-woven base, from a variety of different formulations of PVC and PU, such as foam or film processing made of, characterized by a wide variety, waterproof performance, margin neat, high utilization and price Relatively dermis cheap features. Advanced PU, the surface technology is extremely base of the fiber structure, almost to the effect of leather, the price and the price of domestic first-class skin comparable.
Today, most of the material on the market package is leather, leather lines have obvious wrinkles, thick pores, leather bags in the production of leather itself will have a traces of damage, so generally used for hand-made package, if the cow production documents Bag or when the package is easy to wear. Patent leather is the rise in recent years, patent leather has a strong epidemic and timeliness.
Second layer of leather second, finished the second layer of leather is the use of leather second layer of leather, and then coated with a layer of paint on its surface made, so also called film leather. PU or PVC foil. Usually with two layers of PU or PVC foil leather will have a pungent taste, because it contains some chemical composition of benzene or ketone carcinogens, in order to meet environmental standards, and now foreign has been canceled two layers of film production and processing technology. There are some tannery domestic low-cost in order to earn profits is still using the two-tier foil technology.
After taking the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin, will leave some scrap, these scraps into a paddle, pressed into a whole skin, like to do pulp, is the regeneration of leather.
Needless to say, the first layer of leather is the best source of various leather products, the first layer of leather is divided into brown leather, buffalo leather, yak skin, cow leather and so on. Which the best quality of brown leather, followed by the other. The first layer of yellow leather can withstand 50 to 60 kg of tension, can be used for more than 3 years; two layers of skin can only withstand 15 to 20 kg of tension, a year or so the leather will burst. If there is a piece of leather, cut a 1 cm wide mouth, his hands can be opened is the second layer of skin; tear is not the first layer of skin.
Followed by how to identify?
First, observe the longitudinal section, the number of layers to determine the quality. The first layer of skin layer has three layers, the top is a dense colored layer, the middle is dense and thin fiber layer, and the next layer is connected with the fiber layer, slightly loose layer; the first layer of skin with good strength, flexibility And process plasticity and so on. The second layer of skin is only 2 layers --- dense coloring layer and loose transition layer, maintaining a certain degree of natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics, but the intensity is poor.
Second, near the smell of smell, taste the quality. Two layers of skin often have a strong irritating smell. This is because in the process of nitro dermis, there are chemical residues. The first layer of leather skin itself only a touch of fragrance, never a headache.
Third, pull stretch test strength, coloring determines the quality. The first layer of skin will not appear uneven skin condition, hard stretch leather surface will not appear colorless place. After the second layer of skin opened will see the white line, because the color did not go.
Fourth, with water to the surface, the skin absorbs water, one will dry, the leather quit. You can also see the feel, the skin with nails and other hard objects, dents soon gone, the leather is very slow, may not disappear.
Some women like cosmetics, some women like clothes, some like shoes, can not be ignored is now the status of the bag in the hearts of women increasingly important.
Why do you say that every woman should have a leather bag?
A: very simple, in the Chinese market fashion bags, are using domestic PU leather, such as the production of Guangdong or Zhejiang production, is our traditional called "leather" material. "Leather" material has two major side effects:
First, poor quality, bad care. This is a well-known thing. If dirty with oil or water coated, are not the best choice, will lead to fade, cortex hardened. Two layers of cowhide and first layer of cowhide skin
Second, the "leather" material has a strong radiation and pollution of the environment. The latest discovery, "leather" material contains a "ammonia iodine" mixed molecules. The ammonia, iodine, itself contains a certain degree of radiation, and "ammonia iodine" mixed molecules on the skin radiation will be greater. This is also a lot of MM backpack feel uncomfortable skin an important reason. From the foreign environmental protection bags so popular can also explain the "leather" material does have a great side effects, often wear PU shoes, you know, the foot has a lot of damage, for example, infection athlete's foot, fever, foot odor. And often back PU leather bag will also cause the face, back redness, Peas and other phenomena, especially in the summer.
The first layer of leather bag, the price is too expensive!
Compared to other cortex, the first layer of skin, of course, very expensive, this is everyone know things. But a first layer of skin bag you use 10 years, 20 years will not be bad, and easy care, if dirty, can be coated with water can also be used care solution. At the same time, the first layer of skin bags to reflect your status and grade. Full of leather from hand, exquisite workmanship, soft, and combined with the popular on the market, fashion style refined. Have a such package, than to buy 20 general leather bag is also durable, and the quality of the world than the so-called brand bags on the good times! So do not care to spend hundreds of dollars, and every woman should have a bag of their own! The The
Identify the leather and leather commonly used several simple ways
A touch
If you touch the surface of the leather with a smooth leather (the grain is processed into a coarse skin), the soft, plump and elastic feeling is leather.
Second, eye view
Mainly to identify the type of skin and leather grain surface is good or bad.Observe the surface of the leather has a more obvious pores and patterns. Leather on the back of the dermal fiber. And synthetic leather, but also imitation of the pores, but not complete is not clear .In addition to the synthetic leather on the back of a layer of textiles as the bottom plate. The textile floor is used to increase its tensile strength, while the leather is not the opposite side of this layer of textiles. The most able to distinguish or look at the cross-section of leather, leather cut place to see carefully look at the difference, the dermis is sparse to the dense fiber weaving arrangement, the dermis is very close, nail scratches, hard rub, Face is difficult to crack. While the second layer is only a thin layer of thin film on the surface of a tear and leather separation. Now most of the sports shoes are leather leather even the second floor are not! So wear less than six months on the surface cracked. This identification is the easiest and most practical way.
Three smell
Good quality of the skin is generally no smell. All leather has the smell of leather.If there is a pungent odor may be dealt with in the tannery process and a chemical raw materials are not environmentally friendly chemical products or use of excessive.
Four lit.
The smell of the dermis is lit and the smell of the hair is almost lit.When the burning is knotted, the fingers can be kneaded into a grind, and the artificial leather is lit and a pungent odor after burning.
Dermis after processing, which can form a few specific forms of skin? What are the characteristics?
1. Planing light skin. Surface gloss is very good, hard, tangible, high cost. Suitable for equipped with loaded backpack. After the rainy day with a dry cloth can be wiped dry. Must always rub leather care agent.
2. Patent leather. The main feature is thick, the surface coated with a layer of special chemical paint, all the pores covered. It is characterized by water after the water infiltration does not go, can be wiped dry. Do not always rub leather care agent.
3. Recycled skin. By the waste angle plus some acid and other substances through the physical and chemical processes arising from the leather. With some characteristics of the dermis, such as breathability, but the mechanical strength, easy to break, rupture.
4. Natural skin. Is a leather processing is no longer processed by another kind of skin.
What is the difference between the first layer and the second layer of skin?
According to the level of leather points, there are the first layer and the second layer of leather, which the first layer of leather grain surface leather, repair leather, embossed leather, special effects leather, embossed leather; Leather and so on.
1, the first layer of leather
Grain leather: in a lot of leather varieties, the whole grain side of the top, because it is less trapped by the finest raw material processing, leather surface to retain the intact natural state, the coating is thin, can show Out of the natural skin of the animal skin. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has good permeability. Days fox series of leather that is the use of such leather as raw materials to produce high-quality leather products.
Saw leather: the use of grinding machine will be the surface after the light magic finishing, and then pressed on the corresponding pattern made of. In fact, with a disability or rough natural leather for a "cosmetic". This kind of leather almost lost the original surface state. Full grain leather features: divided into soft leather, wrinkled leather, leather and so on. Features for the complete retention of grain, pores clear, small, close, irregular arrangement, the surface plump meticulous, flexible and good permeability, is a high-grade leather. Leather products made with this cowhide, the use of comfortable and durable and beautiful. Semi-grain leather features: its production process by the equipment processing, grinding into only half of the grain, so that half grain cowhide. Maintain the natural leather part of the style, the pores were flat oval, irregular arrangement, feel hard, generally choose the grade of raw materials. So it is mid-range leather. Due to the special nature of the process of its surface without disability and scars and high utilization rate, the finished product is not easy to deformation, it is generally used for large area of ​​the large business box products. Repair surface cowhide features: also known as "smooth cowhide", the market also known as matte, bright cowhide. Characteristics of the surface smooth and smooth without pores and striae, in the production of surface grain surface to do a slight grinding surface modification, in the leather above a layer of colored resin, cover the leather surface lines, and then spray water-based light through the resin, so it is a high-grade leather The Especially bright leather, its bright dazzling, noble and gorgeous style, is the fashion leather fashion leather.
Special effects cowhide characteristics: the production process requirements with the modified surface cowhide, but in the colored resin inside with beads, metal aluminum or metal copper free of charge on the integrated spray leather, and then roll a layer of water-based transparent resin, the finished product with a variety of Shiny, bright village head, elegant, for the current popular leather, is a mid-range leather.
Embossed leather features: with a pattern of flowers (aluminum, copper) in the leather surface heating to suppress a variety of patterns, into a style of leather. At present the market popular "litchi pattern cowhide", which is the use of a piece of lychee pattern with the flower, the name also will be called "litchi pattern cowhide."
2, the second layer of leather:
Is the thick skin with a skin machine profile layer, the first layer used to make full grain leather or repair leather, the second layer after finishing or film series made of two layers of leather, its fastness wear resistance is poor , Is the kind of leather in the cheapest. Two layers of leather features: the back of the second layer of leather leather, coated with a layer of PU resin on the surface, so also called film leather. Its price is cheaper, high utilization rate. With the process of change also made a variety of grades of varieties, such as imports of two layers of leather, because of unique technology, quality and variety, and other characteristics of the new high-end leather, the price and grade are no less than the first layer of leather.
What are the three layers of age? What are the characteristics?
Cow can be divided into small, middle and old age.
1. Calfskin. Just born to 5 years old, this age bulls larger, creek resistance is poor, but delicate, good gloss, feel good.
2. Middle age cowhide. 5-10 years old. At this point the best cortex, cattle has been basically mature, metabolic dynamic balance, strong tensile strength, do the best package or clothes.
3. Old cowhide. After 10 years old. At this time the cow fiber tissue thicker, less fat oil, the surface dry, rough, poor gloss, but the tensile strength, and more for the production of belts.
What are the three types of cowhide What are the characteristics?
Yellow leather, consumption of leather, buffalo leather.
1. Buffalo leather. Due to less surface hair, and often in the water activities, so the buffalo leather is more rough, more porous pores. Generally do big bag package, can also be used in the men's bag.
2. Consumption of leather.
3. Yellow leather
Cowhide. To cattle leather, for example, leather surface fine, bright, small pores, hair was round arrangement.
Pig leather. Rough surface, thick pores, three pores composed of a group of triangular patterns, arranged in each group far apart, multi-use shoes inside.
sheepskin. 1, goat skin. Surface detail, fiber close, a large number of fine velvet holes were semi-circular arrangement, feel tight, used for leather, wallets and some handbags. 2, sheep skin. The surface is loose, small pores, was flat round arrangement, uniform distribution, feel soft; but fastness as goat skin. Discrimination, the sheepskin is much more soft than the pig skin, hand by the wrinkles thick, horizontal like a fish scales, oblique look like tile
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