The difference between IP,PNP and normal plating:

By VIVIAN | 11 October 2017 | 5 Comments
1)IP plating

Ip plating also has the meaning of Ion Plating is the vacuum ion plating common saying IPG

IP chromium and other  refers to the vacuum ion plating, chrome.Titanium alloy is based on titanium to join other elements of the alloy. Titanium has two kinds of homogeneous different crystals
882 ℃ below the closed hexagonal structure α titanium 882 ℃ above the body for the heart of the β titanium. alloy element
According to their influence on the phase transition temperature can be divided into three types ① stable α phase, improve the phase transition temperature

Element is α stable element, with aluminum, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Where aluminum is the main alloying element of titanium alloy
It is to improve the alloy at room temperature and high temperature strength, reduce the specific gravity, increase the elastic modulus has a significant effect. ②Stable β phase, the element that reduces the phase transition temperature is β-stable element  can be divided into the same crystal form and eutectoid type 2 Species. The former are molybdenum, niobium, vanadium and other the latter are chromium, manganese, copper, iron, silicon and so on. ③ on the phase change temperature shadow rare elements are neutral elements Zirconium, tin and so on ,Plastic plating Plastic products after plating metal layer with light weight, can be conductive, beautiful appearance.

Therefore, plastic plating process has been widely used in electronics, optical instruments, machine button and light industrial products and other aspect.  The plastic plating first should consider the plastic non-conductor can not be directly plated. In electricity Pretreatment of plastic surfaces po use can also reduce the processing workers reduce manufacturior to plating, Removal of oil and impurities from plastic surfaces to keep clean.

A layer of conductive metal film it as a cathode can be plated. Using plastic plating not only 
Can replace metal copper, aluminum tring cost.
  1. PNP :belongs to water plating ,the effect is better than normal plating ,not easy to wrong color.but it is second to IP plating.
  1. Normal plating:1, water plating: generally applicable to ABS material, ABS + PC material products. The main process is to electroplating the product into the chemical plating solution for plating. According to the different needs of customers can be plated with different colors, with high gloss silver, silver, gray silver, gun color, gold, black chrome, semi-chrome. Because the electroplated product of its conductivity significantly increased, for some of the components to be insulated there are two ways:
First, in the need to insulate the site coated with insulating oil, the part of the plating will not be plated to, so as to achieve insulation effect! Of course, coated with insulating oil parts will be black, it is not suitable as the appearance of the surface.

Second, in the need to place the place with special adhesive tape paste, to protect them, the same effect to achieve insulation.
Water plating has a weakness, can only charge ABS material and ABS + PC material (the effect of this material is not very good plating). And ABS material temperature is only 80 ℃, which makes its application is limited. And vacuum plating up to about 200 ℃, which can be used in high temperature parts of the plating treatment. Like the mouth of the mouth, the use of PC ring mouth, these components are required to withstand the high temperature of 130 ℃. In addition, the general requirements of high temperature components, do vacuum plating in the final spray a layer of UV oil, so that the product surface that is shiny, high temperature, while ensuring adhesion.

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